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Click here to see the back of the box

Click here to see the back of the box

Aroma Patches are the new health scent-sation just released on the American market. Using the highest quality essential oils available, the Aroma Patches were created to promote health and wellness without any side-effects as is the case with many diet patches. Aroma Patches work through the sense of smell and are totally safe and natural. Enjoy the natural benefits of Aromatherapy the healthy, simple, fun way!

The Aroma Patch Weightloss Patch was featured on "The Doctors TV Show" on May 25th, 2010.


How the Aroma Patch works.

Essential Oils
are very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways both for their scent and for their cosmetic and medicinal qualities. One of the simpler ways to experience aromatherapy is through inhalation, which impacts mood and emotion. Because our sense of smell is directly linked to the part of the brain that controls emotion and memory, inhaling essential oils can be very beneficial.

Aromatherapy should never replace care from a medical doctor but could compliment and enhance care received. Aromatherapy can provide a pleasant experience, and pleasure itself is believed by many experts to be health-enhancing.

The History of Aromatherapy

For centuries cultures around the world have used essential oils from flowers and plants as ointments, incense, perfumes, cosmetic, medicinal and culinary applications. Today aromatherapy has become sophisticated in its practice and is seen as a natural alternative therapy used to enhance overall health and well being. The benefits obtained from aromatherapy depend upon the quality of the essential oils used. These essential oils, extracted from various parts of plants and flowers, have a remarkable ability to help enhance our daily lives.

The Power of Smell

Few things can move us so deeply or have so profound an impact as specific smells and fragrances. Smell actually has more impact on the subconscious and emotions than the other senses, and there is little doubt that scent has important roles in human behavior. Our sense of smell is tied directly and intimately to the part of our brain most involved with the memory and emotion, called the limbic system. Our reactions to an odor largely depend on our experience with it, and what our brain remembers. Essential oils are powerful forces of nature. With their aromatic properties, these natural oils have a remarkable ability to lift our spirits. Often times they help to relax us, stimulate us and influence our overall sense of well-being.

The Science of Smell

For information on smell and it's effect on weight loss and appetite suppression, click here.

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